Megatrends Shaping Our Future

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The Planning Institute of Australia’s advocacy document Through the lens: megatrends shaping our future considers what Australia could look like when it reaches a population of 50 million, having regard to current and emerging megatrends influencing our nation.

Karen Wright Projects was proudly involved with this initiative as the primary author of Through the Lens. The report recognises that urban planning has been influential in developing Australia’s modern day cities and regions and has contributed to shaping our current settlement patterns.

Nine key megatrends are investigated as follows:

  1. Increased urbanisation
  2. Health and ageing
  3. Resource dependency
  4. Biodiversity
  5. Climate change and disaster resilience
  6. Global connectedness
  7. Infrastructure
  8. Smart settlements and new technology
  9. Collaborative consumption and social change

For further information see Journey Towards 50 million.

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