Active Transport

people running, walking and cycling in canberra

The recently released Active Travel Framework for the ACT outlines an ambitious vision for making Canberra Australia’s cycling capital and most walkable city. The framework will support the development of an integrated travel network and provide for better coordination in the planning and delivery of active transport initiatives.

The release of the Active Travel Framework has come with an announcement of $23 million for active transport funding over the next financial year (2015-16). The ACT Government has also promised to set up a new Active Travel Office to improve coordination and engagement across different arms of Government to better plan, encourage, maintain and evaluate facilities.

Infographic stating @23million for active travel

The Framework provides an evidence-base for the provision of active transport and aims to support targets originally outlined in Transport for Canberra. This includes a target to increase the mode share of work trips by cycling and walking to 7% each by 2026. This will require a significant increase in mode share from the 2011 census figures of 2.8% for cycling and 4.9% for walking.

Karen Wright Projects is proud to have worked as an advisor to the ACT Government on the Active Travel Framework (also known as Building an Integrated Transport Network – Active Travel) and hopes that the Framework will play a significant part in the coordination, planning and development of future active transport infrastructure, policies and programs.

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