Stakeholder engagement

Engaging with stakeholders can be a key factor in ensuring a successful outcome for your project. For urban planning projects this may involve engagement with government agencies who influence certain aspects of development including environmental approvals, transport infrastructure and community facilities. Understanding their viewpoint and requirements for your project, can be a critical factor in … More Stakeholder engagement

Active Places

The ACT is one of few jurisdictions to successfully embed health supportive policy into planning. Elements of healthy living and creating environments that support active living are now supported through statutory requirements, with all new developments and redevelopment in the ACT  required to consider these principles. Rewording of zone objectives, elements, rules, and criteria gives … More Active Places

Urban Planning Services

Karen Wright Projects services include: planning advice planning strategy site appraisal and options analysis, due diligence planning approvals pathways policy development, analysis and evaluation project management stakeholder engagement Image courtesy the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation Archives

Planning Approvals

Planning systems can be complex, which is where the services of a professional planner are important. As highlighted by a 2011 Productivity Commission report The regulations and agencies involved in planning, zoning and development assessments constitute one of the most complex regulatory regimes operating in Australia.  Utilising the services of a trained urban planner can assist … More Planning Approvals

Megatrends Shaping Our Future

The Planning Institute of Australia’s advocacy document Through the lens: megatrends shaping our future considers what Australia could look like when it reaches a population of 50 million, having regard to current and emerging megatrends influencing our nation. Karen Wright Projects was proudly involved with this initiative as the primary author of Through the Lens. The report recognises that urban … More Megatrends Shaping Our Future

Planning Policy

Planning policy keeps good cities on track and articulates the vision and direction for the urban planning to shape the development of better places for our towns, cities and regions. Ensuring that planning policy is up to date, supported by an evidence-base and has a line of sight to detailed planning requirements for development control, … More Planning Policy

Active Transport

The recently released Active Travel Framework for the ACT outlines an ambitious vision for making Canberra Australia’s cycling capital and most walkable city. The framework will support the development of an integrated travel network and provide for better coordination in the planning and delivery of active transport initiatives. The release of the Active Travel Framework has … More Active Transport